Who is this For?

Wanting to save money applies to pretty much everyone.

Desiring to be "financially free" - again, pretty much everyone wants this.

But this course isn't for everyone.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are content with where you/your family are financially
  • You want to be in a better position, but are blindly hoping 'things will get better' overtime
  • You are satisfied with the appearance of being wealthy, and the reality of 'making ends meet' each month
  • You are looking to make a quick buck. There are no 'quick bucks' in RENTAL real estate investing. (Wholesale and Flipping strategies are a possible exception, but even these practices require knowledge, preparation, market research and commitment. These methods are not covered in this course.)
  • You are afraid to take risks and make mistakes

This course IS for you if:

  • You are ready to understand rental property investing, and make it a reality in your life
  • You wonder how most wealthy individuals think about money and investing
  • You want to escape lifestyle inflation, while still enjoying all that life has to offer
  • You are willing to make sacrifices now, to have a better life in the (not-too-distant) future

In this course, I'll outline how to purchase a multi-unit dwelling with an FHA loan, and provide some guidance on the management infrastructure needed to continue operating efficiently and profitably.

You might be wondering if this is applicable to you if you already own a home.

It certainly is. You don't have to sell. You can rent out the spare rooms and achieve a similar effect, albeit on a smaller scale.

You may ask, "Why do I need this course, if all I have to do is rent out the extra bedroom and offset my expenses?"

I'm going to say something that will seemingly contradict itself.

Renting out a room isn't as simple as renting out a room.

If you're receiving taxable revenue from an activity, you need to treat it like a business. (More on this later!)

It's not as simple as posting an ad online and making a spare key.

My hope is that you will benefit from this course whether you're preparing to purchase a home, or you're preparing to rent out the extra room(s) in the home you own already.